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Wayz is a sneaker brand inspired by People, their dreams, passions, beliefs, choices and their Lives. Our mission is to create authentic and ethical shoes, made with eco-friendly materials, at fair prices. We work hand in hand with local artisans from Porto, Portugal.

We joined our passion for sneakers to our beliefs to offer you Wayz first genderless collection of timeless and long lasting sneakers.

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Our commitment

1% of our sales help socially vulnerable and homeless people getting their lives back on track.

It is our commitment to give back to society and create a positive social impact. In cooperation with the Portuguese NGO SAOM we launch the programme SHOES YOUR WAY.

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Our 4 models and 16 different styles are now available on Indiegogo. You will be able to get your sneakers with up to 40% discount.

Every detail matters to make an ethical sneaker

The Misfit - White and Grey Sneakers by Wayz
Bio-leather lining
Premium bio-leather upper
Recycled rubber outsole
Recycled Polyester Textile
Pre order - up to 40% off

Wayz’s Story

Pedro Maçana and Daniel Gonçalves, the Wayz Founders

Wayz was born from our deep belief that our society must evolve and have a more global concern for HUMANITY. We want to bring you with us to a world of SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY and TRANSPARENCY, where brands and companies care about PEOPLE and our PLANET.


WAYZ gathers all our passions, beliefs, values and much more…
Henri David Thoreau said, “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life”.


It is our own statement about our wish to get every last bit of goodness out of life.


Thanks for supporting us and helping to make our dream a reality.
Our zestful sneakers are made to last. We want them to be part of your life and memories…


Don’t forget to Walk your Wayz!

Pedro Maçana

Daniel Gonçalves

We are in pursuit of great sneakers made by great people for great People, not for great profit!


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Humanity is our Culture

People First

We are an open community united by the passion for the authentic.
We cherish our people: teammates, partners and customers.
We help and trust each other.
We embrace diversity and celebrate difference.
We invest in people and empower them.
We share the value we create.
We have fun.

Planet Matters

We fight mass consumption, waste and human exploitation.
We work to reduce the environmental footprint of our products.
We create long-lasting and timeless sneakers.
We are transparent.
We deliver the best value for money to our customers.

We respect, protect and preserve our planet!

Hack Life

We challenge the obvious, the status quo.
We see technology as our future, not our fate.
We are simple.
We live acording to our nature, consciouslly and meaningfully.
We live wholeheartedly and zestfully.
We do what we love.

We find the way, or we make one, to our passions and dreams.



Our Values and Intentions

Wayz brand values and intentions, purpose, vision and mission

Why we chose Indiegogo

Our first collection will be launched on the international crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. Indiegogo was founded in 2008 in the United States of America. It allows people to raise funds for an idea, charity or start-up business.

Crowdfunding can have many forms. The one we are using in our campaign is reward based system. This means that in exchange of their contribution our friends, family or followers, known as backers or sponsors, will receive a reward from us, the promotor of the project. In our case the Wayz sneakers, the product we have created for you. You can choose your reward according to the amount of your contribution. 

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