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1% of our sales help socially vulnerable and homeless people.

We create sneakers that fund solutions to help socially vulnerable and homeless people getting their lives back on track.

In cooperation with the NGO SAOM we will focus our efforts in supporting these people rebuild their lives through education. Helping them to learn new skills, to get a professional diploma that later will guide them to a stable job.


We give support, they give their strength and their wish to get out of a difficult life and dream of a better future.


Because we have no doubt that everybody can choose to have a second a chance…

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Why Saom?

SAOM (Community Services of the Order of Malta) is a non-governmental organisation founded by Dr. João Rebello de Carvalho.

Their purpose is to help socially vulnerable and homeless peoples turn their lives around, improve their self-esteem, their work situation and housing conditions, and achieve new goals of social inclusion.

They also provide services for the elderly, children and young adults, and home care services for the elderly and disabled.

The project “Giving Life a Purpose” started in 2012 and is dedicated to the social inclusion of homeless and socially excluded people. It provides education, training in hotel and restaurant work, and the life skills necessary to reenter the professional market. 

 Hundreds of students have completed dual-certification courses for Kitchen Assistant, Waiter/Waitress and Hotel Housekeeper, and seven pre-professional courses in Baking and Pastry. In addition to regular classes, students gain work experience in the events they cater, both in their facilities and at other venues.
This combination of training and catering is a source of income that they use to provide financial support for dental care, eyeglasses, toiletries and even furniture and appliances for their students.

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